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Redstar becomes Duffy's chocolate

Posted on 15th May 2013

Redstar becomes Duffy's chocolate

Why have we changed from Red Star Chocolate to Duffy's? We haven't – the chocolate has always been called Duffy's and it makes sense to call our new web-site Duffy's. Duffy's is the name of the chocolate; Red Star Chocolate is the name of the company.

We started Red Star Chocolate in 2009 and registered the company as we were experimenting with cocoa beans and chocolate-making recipes. By the time it came to launch the first bar and finalise the first wrapper we realised that there was a company using a red star as a logo – we had to change my plans quickly and called the bars Duffy's. Egos rule! Nothing has changed; we haven't sold the company to a multinational, haven't changed our cocoa farmers and haven't changed how we do things.

We needed a more competent web-site and are using the opportunity to inject some clarity (hopefully…) and replace Red Star with Duffy's. That's all.


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